FUN Is SERIOUS Business!

Alright, y’all.  Who’s been having some fun, some belly laughs since the cat was let out of the bag on elevated feelings producing DHEA in the adrenals??  You did see the last post, yes?  If not, go here, first.

Are you getting the import of this?

Myself, I’ve been swimming in the implications for rejuvenating and regenerating my physical vessel as, at the same time, it puts me out of phase with the baser frequencies of the imposition!  All so healing!

It’s time we share ideas on what we do for fun, shall we?  Not relaxation.  Fun.  Anything from zero cost, stay at home to expensive but wonderful outings.  ‘Kay?

Remember the frequencies chart?  This is a visual help, though basic (and I’m not clear on how Courage and Desire rank so low, other than they were both colored with fear):

emotions-frequency chart

In doing a quick search for this chart, I came upon (synchronistically ? ;-)) a free download from HeartMath, that phenomenal company doing great work on heart coherence — don’t you just vibe with that term, ‘heart coherence’ ?  The resonance is such a long cool drink on a parched throat, isn’t it?  Let me know what you think of this paper:  The Coherent Heart, Institute of HeartMath 2006 (authors on cover page).

Fun in my home looks like dancing to whatever music feels right in the moment (it could be oldies Big Band, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, across genres; electronica, even country, ha!, or it could be nature sounds that feel good to just move with).  We love funny movies, like Kung Fu Panda — seriously the funniest laugh-out-loud, start to finish, multi-layered, profound animated movie out there.  And, there’s singing in the car!  I love lip-sync battles on youtube.  My favorite current comedian is Eddie Izzard and his stuff on creation and all things religion is as hilarious as it is genius.  Here’s one of my favorite short clips called Intelligent Design:


So let’s amp it up, shall we?  We are creating every moment, with every agreement, feeling into it more every day, we’re breaking the bonds.  It’s party time folks, and it’s serious business.  Imagine that.

Imagine that…and share what you’re doing to have a good elevating laugh and sharing in some good ole human fun!  We’d all love to hear.

To Sovereignty & beyond! :-D



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  1. Having fun is totally key. When we have fun and we laugh, we exude an energy that those who wish to suxk off us, cannot process and it makes THEM throw up! Haha! So let’s keep doing it! I love Eddy too, he’s a but! Try reading a few posts off damnyouauto and I challenge you not to laugh uncontrollably!! It’s so simple yet so funny! Thanks for yet another awesome post Elz.

    1. I just had to pop over to and am in *tears* immediately…this is SERIOUSLY funny goods!!! Thank you thank you for the reminder! We need good laughs like this DAILY! Such a shift :-))) xoxo!

  2. Giggling! :D Watching puppy antics makes me laugh!

    For some video fun check out ‘Most Extreme Elimination’ and ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’, hilarious stuff! Happy belly laughs!

    1. Awesome, Liz! You gave me a sample of Mystery Science Theatre 3000…can’t wait to share it…too funny! Definitely checking out the other, too, thanks!!

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