Memories: Portals and Time Warps

Just returned from a week’s trip, taking my mother back to her stomping grounds primarily to take care of some loose ends and to consider whether or not she wanted to move back.  It’s been eight years since my last trip, and 11 for her.  What had changed, and what had not, we wondered off and on along the 12 hour drive.

Memories.  Snapshots of moments frozen in time.  Many buried until a trigger flips them, like a switch, back into life.  Taking flowers to three cemetaries in one day raised a flood of memories, loved ones gone on, as well as practical ones, like: They’re here by the big tree/bush/drive somewhere…, searching for headstones.  At the second cemetary, I was certain my grandparents had been moved.  My memory had them rows away.  And, then there was the baby neither my mother nor I ever knew…her father’s 15mo. old brother, lost to whooping cough a century and more ago.  He rests due west of the tall pine tree in the oldest graveyard.

The next day we went back to finalize my mom’s internment plans.  Memories to come.

Moving to be with new grandchildren, my mom left behind an assortment of belongings in a storage unit intended to be temporary.  Seventeen years of living have elapse.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Almost.  Thinking there was little to resolve, we opened the storage door to a portal from the past, clearly sucking energy from her, and from me.

A good portion of the contents were remants from my grandparent’s house that was destroyed in a fire that lost my grandmother, and us, her life.  Everyone experiences grief differently, bringing to it all the wounds unhealed to that point.  I opened a box to find an assortment of items, most of which were strands of burnt crocheting.  Who saved this?  And, why?  What was he/she thinking, feeling, to not be able to let go of something so irreparable and so painful?  I, myself, had held on to too much…so who was I to even ask?

In this 9 year of completion (numerologically 2016 is 2+0+1+6=9), memories are coming up for resolution.  They are portals into the past, often a huge energy suck, time warping us from the direction of our intent at this cosmic juncture.  They are no longer content to be ignored, if they ever were.  Some are more painful and take more work, even physical, than others, but it’s timely.  Some memories benefit from learning a significant lesson, making a connection from action to consequence, while others are simple embarrassments, bubbles of trapped energy needing a pinprick to pop.  Inherited memories from family stories, genetic memories impressed into our DNA, all benefit from assessment — do they bring me joy?  Or, are they taking me down?  I’ve found my declaration of healing & energy retrieval to be a great help (here it is again, and adjust to make it your own).  The benefits of restored energy are immense!

Whatever memories are coming up for you, know it’s exactly the right time.  I have the most random memories arise while driving and having learned my declaration of healing, deal with them in the moment.  We are regathering our energies that have been splintered off in so many directions.  This is part of living in the new energetic.  We regain our wholeness and resilience, our equilibrium and joy.

Are memories coming up for you?




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  1. I’m trying to hold off on those memories that I know will visit very soon. After reading this, it has begun. I’m thinking how best to navigate. Best to let it unfold naturally I suppose! I feel myself turning inward for wisdom as I wrote this. Truly happy travels to me and all who will be taking this journey or already have! :)

    1. You got this, Liz! And, you’re right…memories unfold naturally. They arise when ready to be concluded. Those with trapped emotion, to be clear. Good memories are a treasure. Nothing needs done with those :-). Happy travels to you, sistar! <3

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