Implants, Removal, & Timing

It’s all about discernment, isn’t it?  Who, what, when, how and putting it all together, right?  When things click, we take it as a big green light to go ahead.  And, for the most part, that’s true.  But what of the times when it’s not?  We turn around and question ourselves, our judgement, even our safety in this world…how could I have been wrong?  Was I wrong?

Sometimes, it’s just grey.  And we deal with that.

Three weeks ago yesterday, I had an implant removal session with Lynn Williams and posted this on facebook:

Adding TOOLS to our journey back into sovereignty is one of my favorite things. And not just any tools, but ones that provide us independence sooner than later (teach a wo/man to fish, sort of thing). The days of gurus are over. We are community sharing what we’ve learned.

So, after sitting this week with the new tools learned from Lynn Williams in an implant removal session last weekend, I am definitely feeling the difference! I love love love having a way to address odd sensations in my body and field. I love the increased sense of empowerment gained in standing in my own, clear, energy. Imagine that…a whole new level and meaning of clarity! Thank you, Lynn, for filling this role!

Two weeks ago, yesterday, I set out on an 1800mi/2897km multi-stop, multi-purpose 9-day round trip journey.  Ordinarily, I would not have done deep work before travel, but in this case I thought the benefits would outweigh the unknowns…a tool in hand is worth more than none, yes?  Well….

I am advising against going anywhere or doing anything much out of your familiar rhythm for at least 3 weeks, if not an entire sun cycle, following implant removal.  Why?  It truly is a form of surgery.

In an odd way, we’ve been moving through our days with a host of company.  It’s not easy or pleasant or desirable, but it’s known.  And, like a dining table, there’s only room for so many, as crowded as it may get.  Remove them all, and the wonderful space felt is new and refreshing!  It’s a time to pause and really feel into that, to enjoy it, to embrace it, to declare as a sovereign being it is my right to feel this way!  Allowing time for your senses to reacclimate, to soak in the rightness of just you inhabiting your space is a gift that is essential to complete the process.  Drink clean water to flush & rehydrate, as Lynn advises, as well as salt baths.  I have wonderful earth clay to soak in, too.  Gentle movement, fresh produce (organic if at all possible), sunlight and nature…all the good soothing stuff we know balances and rebuilds us.

Originally, I had thought to wait until after my trip for the implant removal, but then reconsidered.  Having the tools on my trip would be awesome.  Especially helpful in dealing with the past, was my thought process, without even knowing what the tools were.  I simply wanted 1) to be free of the implants as soon as possible; and, 2) feel stronger in light of whatever came my way during the trip.  And so I went for it.  I followed how quickly things fell into place.

But, what happened was I hadn’t but a scant week of feeling into my new space before setting off, vulnerable.  Yes, I have tools for protecting myself and my space, and Lynn added to that.  Yet, I was in a very different space than accustomed, and not as fluid as I’d been in dealing with interference.  Consider times not terribly long ago when left-handers were struck in school for using that hand, forced to conform to the majority right-handed way of doing things.  Liberated from the punishments of being a leftie, one is not automatically and instantly masterful in writing with that hand.  We cope.  Once we don’t have to, there is a curve of re-learning.  Welcomed, most certainly.  And, there, nonetheless.

What I experienced was feeling off-balance (funny, no?), and very emotional.  Wide open, like a cluttered room having been cleaned so that the same amount of space feels so much bigger!  Being in a major city, I would have fared better under my former way of experiencing life.  I didn’t feel attacked or bombarded, as I was prepared for…what I did feel was wobbly.  Sea legs might well describe it.

So, my timing wasn’t optimal.  In a way, I allowed my fear to influence my decision.  So tired, so fed up, with the interference, I fairly jumped at the opening to remove whatever implants were attached to me.  And, I deeply desired to carry the tools with me when addressing stagnant aspects of the past, as I confronted at the end of the trip.  I didn’t allow for kindness and gentleness with myself.  I don’t regret the decision.  It mirrored back to me a great weakness for self care.  I’ve been in warrior mode for quite some time now, accustomed to the charge and taking the blows.  But, I’ve moved on, reintegrating this past year now, moving into deeper integration requiring genuine honor and respect spilling into love for my companion vessel, for my heart, for my essence.

Go for it!  And then take good care!  Love love love yourself thoroughly while shifting into the newness of increased wholeness.  Soon the new will be the usual, and that’s oh, so welcomed.  If my stumbles make for a smoother transition for you, my heart will beam.

Congratulations to Lynn on joining the Rise community as it’s newest mentor!  Here’s to increased liberty, sovereignty, joy and fun!

What have you experienced?



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  1. The post implant removal period/working the process, claiming my space and sovereignty has been intense for me.
    The main feelings I initially needed to wade through and release have been isolation and fear. I have come to understand that they were leftover habits, automatic pilot type mannerisms I had been living with while coping with implant-entity infestation. After the imprisonment infrastructure was removed my conscious awareness of these “habitual ways of thinking through abusive implant programming” we’re so loud and so out of place. They seemed like fear erupting. Not being good enough, not knowing how to move forward with my mission, lack of personal success, not knowing how to live successfully…you name it. But they were “recordings” in my inner dialog that had to be deleted, because they were grooves left behind from captivity-mentality. In the initial face of clear awareness and uninterrupted consciousness, they stuck out like big sore thumbs, and they got loud before, one by one, they shut off!
    Next I felt very isolated. Maybe shame and feeling like I was disowned resulted because I could hear the taunts from the outside like they wrote me one last threatening ransom letter to coerce me to get back into my cage …”well we will just remove all your “safety nets” around you. We run everything, and if you are not going to be part of us, then good luck. We run who would hire you, we run your friends, we run your town, we run your industry. You are banishing yourself.” That’s literally what I had to fight, like a boxer in a ring, on the outside of me, after removing all hookups within me, so to speak.
    This led me to seeking consciously my organic timeline to be realized. But how?? I started to understand and remember my co-creative nature. So I started to tinker and express new possibilities to connect to a new approach. How can I “manifest” in a new way, a heart way, instead of a controlled/programmed head way? This is now my new conscious focus, and there is work I am doing to trust this. It is new. New muscles are being developed and built.
    I feel like I was let out of prison, and I am now in a huge organic, abundant forest in the backyard…But I don’t necessarily know 100% how to function outside of the prison. It’s so beautiful, and it is loving, and there is everything I need, but it’s dark at night and I sustain daily in a much different way. I dismantle moment by moment all my old habits, no longer necessary from having to cope in that prison of being. I’m now reaching more than ever into the safe arms of Mother Earth, healing as I learn to trust. Taking my swan dive into the cool waters of freedom, where I can be all that I am here to be.
    The process is miraculous work. But it is work.

    1. Wow!!! So powerful & real, Lauren! Love love love your truth & authenticity. This isn’t a consequence free cake walk. It can trigger & unravel more, as we’ve discovered. And that’s the path we’ve chosen for sovereignty! Your experience strongly adds to the conversation, thank you! Big love 💖

    2. Hi Lauren, your share was quite moving and i relate intimately as i have been there and know how scary the free fall is as i witnessed all my nets vanishing from my world. I found an author Jed McKenna – He wrote three books as part of a series called the “Enlightenment Trilogy”
      “Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing”
      “Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment”
      “Spiritual Warfare”

      His wisdom has helped me better innerstand this process and what is happening within me and i wanted to share them with you. I hope it helps.

      Steady as we go…..

      1. Will pop in to say, Thank you, Golden Hawk, for sharing what’s been helpful for you! Will be checking out this resource, myself, and I know others will be, too. I deeply appreciate and acknowledge your contribution to these big conversations. It was from you I first heard “incension”…such a key and vital shift, thank you thank you! <3

  2. Hi Elz, so great reading your latest experience. I have felt great info from my higher source about our 3D experience and the choices we have made. I have been feeling negative energies coming in my field but am dealing with them, no fun. Hope we can connect on skype soon. take Care, Pat

    1. Things are definitely heating up, Pat! As sovereign beings, *we* get to choose who is in our space. It’s a muscle we’re learning to flex, isn’t it?! Growing stronger day by day. Yes, let’s catch up! :-)

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