I love tools.  Grew up with them.  We were fixers.  If something broke, fix it first.  It could be fun, or frustrating, or if it was something that was off limits to begin with, well, it could be lifesaving.  One grandfather was a master carptener, the other a lumber mill worker who built a church and chests of drawers, with my grandmother, for charity.  My parents chose fixer-uppers, and we were do-it-yourselfers.  Never realized til this moment how that trained me for developing my own tools in exercsing sovereignty.

You’ll know you’ve got the right tool for the job when it flows from your hand.  The weight is right.  It’s balanced.  There’s ease, even in effort.  Love that feeling!  Do you know it?

Here’s where I’m sharing the tools that have made a difference for me…many my own, some from others, and some built from the work of others I’ll tell you about so you can check them out for yourself.  Happy skills building!  Let me know if you need clarification, ‘kay?



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