Declaration of Healing

I’ve written, talked, and shared about this organic declaration of healing I wrote for myself initially for sleep, then discovered I could expand it’s use to many areas of trapped energy.  Please adjust it to fit you…make it your own, tweak a word or two.

The only thing I will emphasize is the importance of beginning the declaration with As a Sovereign Being, I….  The power of that statement cannot be underestimated.  It has rebuilt me and my memory.  It is a fundamental truth that the imposition knows far better than we humans do.  We have forgotten.  They have not.  They want to keep us in the forgetting.  We need to remember, to re-member…pull ourselves back together from the scattered fragments.  We are sovereign beings.  Remind yourself.  Say it often.


As a Sovereign Being

I heal and collapse [insert wound, or if, upon waking, say “my dreams”]

I thank all participants as I reclaim all energy that belongs to me

100% purified, glorified, revitalized and recalibrated to my 100% originally intended timeline

Further recalibrated to 100% pure organic love

Returned to my heart core center

As all fragments of me return now for reintegration.

I return all energy that does not belong to me

100% purified of my energy signature

And recalibrated to 100% pure organic love

Returned to the heart core center of the sender, if organic

Or, to the heart core center of the Galaxy, if synthetic,

For recycling and transmutation.

So be it.  It is so.  It is done.

Now and forever

Throughout all time and space

Time, no-time, anti-time

Space, no-space, anti-space

Through all dimensions

In all directions

On all timelines

[audible clap or sound like fireworks to anchor it in 3d — I make 3 fireworks sounds ;-)]

To our sovereignty, with love!