No laughing matter, sleep is the glue that holds me together.  In fact, it is for us all.  Sleep deprivation is one of the oldest torture devices, and we tend to only think of it in terms of war.

What would you say to shifting your perception and seeing that our sleep is the single greatest, collective, avenue for imposition?  Mess with our sleep; mess with our functionability in our days.  Our patience, our focus, our humor, our resolve, our clarity.  Our immune system, our digestion, our breathing…all our regenerative processes depend on quality sleep.

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?  Beyond the sensible things of good sleep hygiene (regular bed and rise time, no caffeine, sweets, or heavy foods before bed, a decompression period from media, bed by 10, etc), I’ve added a couple more things.

A year ago (2014), I followed a link from Kelly La Sha’s, and spent an entire weekend immersed in the 18 hour marathon interview of Andrew Bartzis ( by Lance White (

Towards the end was this practical gem: place a small pillow of sea, or other natural, salt at the medulla, the hollow at the base of the skull, to provide energetic protection of that vulnerable area.  Remember, salt is an ancient ward against evil spirits and witches…though I don’t know why…and I was simply, what the heck…nothing to lose.

And it worked!

In one night, I slept sounder, had calmer dreams, didn’t toss, and woke rested and alert.  Alert!  I don’t know if that’s ever happened.  For ever I’ve groped my way back from dreamland, slogging through molasses-like grogginess that sometimes hung on til mid-morning, even with espresso enough for, well, more than just me. So happy for a good night’s sleep, I made one for my son for that night, and he, too, couldn’t believe the difference.  Imagine, (1) that a teen would try anything as crazy as that; and, (2) be amazed that it worked, too!

I’d simply loosely filled a small snack size sealable baggie with organic sea salt I had on hand, later purchasing some coarse Himalayan salt, squeezing out extra air and put it between my head and pillow.

Each subsequent morning, I woke in amazement, so grateful for something so simple…good sleep and waking easily and alert.

And it lasted for several weeks, until I began waking with the little salt pillow on the other side of my bed.  One night. Two nights.  Three…hmmm, what the what was going on?

Having found this new, wonderful, sleep, I wasn’t about to let it go.  Feeling somewhat juvenile, like I’d had something of value snatched away, I went Hey! I am a Sovereign Being, my sleep belongs to me, as do my dreams.  

And I said as much.  Out loud.  Before bed.  Further, I stated that no one or thing may be anywhere near me during my sleep and dreams that does not love me and have my best interests at heart.  So be it. It is so. It is done.  Now, now, and now.  Concluding with an audible sound to anchor it in.

And, snap!  It worked!  Again, sweet sweet sleep.

Not long after, it dawned on me to cancel contracts related to my sleep (I’ll add a link here to another page on contract cancelling).

I repeated each night for several running, and now only need periodic boosters, if you will.

Within the past month, I’ve added a process for waking, declaring, as a Sovereign Being, that my dreams are healed and collapsed, that the energies be returned to me, that I retain and embody any and all learning, and I thank the participants.  I also return all energy that does not belong to me, cleared of my energy signature.  So be it, It is so, It is done.  Now, now, and now.  Concluding with an audible sound to anchor it in.

I am no longer carrying any dream energy into my days.  I’m waking even more cleanly, with no dream residue, nor any desire to linger in dreams, as before.

Please don’t believe me.  If you feel resonance, try it…and not half-assed…give it a good week.  The resonance tells you there may be something there for you.  No belief required.  It works or it doesn’t.  For you.  Keep what works and move on from the rest.  Tweak my declarations and make them your own.

Mind you, I’ve only shared this with a couple of friends, because frankly, it feels so personal.  And, I want you to have the relief that I’m having.

Sharing what I’ve learned and discovered.  Share what you find, too?

Sleep well :-) xo



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