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Welcome, welcome.  I have no expectations of reaching even one person, so if you’ve arrived, we’ve been drawn together, and I welcome you and acknowledge the journey you’ve been on is surely filled with amusement park-like experiences.  From your favorite rides/foods/games to the ones that make you want to hurl.  Then there’s the gum stuck to your shoe.  And, perhaps even the eventually cranky family member/friend/neighbor having a meltdown.  Oh, that’s you melting down?!  Of course it is.

Living discernment began with a gigantic gasp for air; one too lengthy to inflict on anyone here, so am capturing it in an upcoming book.  If the topic of discernment interests you, please watch for my second book, also in the works, for more on the discovery of what it means to discern in the times we’re in.  It articulates ways we can see through and wake up to many of the controlling mechanisms abounding.  Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes; and, awake leads to aware.  It’s a good thing.

So, why write if I have no expectations of reaching anyone?  I asked myself that for a very long time.  It went something like this: Why add one more voice to the cacophony out there??  Why, when I haven’t sufficient time in my day to read and digest all I’d like to, why add more??

The answer: Because my voice counts, too.  It’s like roll call.  Present and accounted for.  Growing up, when all others would answer, “Here,” or “Present,” I would respond, “Yes.”  Yes, that’s my name.  Yes, I am answering.  Yes, I showed up.  And, it was a minuscule way of rebelling, vocalizing in my own way (yeah, yeah, couldn’t be helped!).  Thus, this endeavor is about sharing and offering a connection.  If I don’t extend my hand in community, then I’m guaranteed no one will take it.  If perchance you’re on the fence, too, think about it.  We all have something to share, and who knows, maybe it will reach one…and possibly even another.  If you’re inclined, say hey, and let me know you stopped by.  May even be fun.




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