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I love the background pic. I love raspberries, even from childhood…happily sitting alone in my grandparents’ raspberry patch while my siblings and cousins jostled each other in the neighboring strawberry patch. The vibrant color and tart sweetness brim with life.

What does this have to do with Living Discernment? Admittedly, it’s something of a subtle stab at illustration.

I’ve loved coffee, too…an unrequited love, for coffee does not love back. It takes more than it gives, and is sadly even a culprit in stimulating the pineal gland, that dubious control device…yeah, guess I’m jumping into woo-woo straight away, though more on that here (link pending).

So, shall we take the luciousness of the living berries and pop them into the valley, the vessel, of decline, turn the tables on what’s expected and revel in the sheer simplicity of it?

And, the wooden table on which the cup and saucer sit, I love that, too. It’s me. It’s us. Organic. Tough but not impermeable. Smooth in some areas, rough in others. Definitely used. Not a shelf ornament. Loved. Possibly abused. Resilient. Transparently itself. No pretense.

Shall we see things for what is there…for what they are, and what they are not? Discerning. Choosing wisely. Resonantly with our core. Embodying the choice as close to every moment within reach. Join me?

LIving Discernment.




photography credit: Glen Carrie, thank you!



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